Nicole Allen

Nicole Allen is the Executive Director of NAMS (National Asset Management Strategy) Canada, and has collaborated with Allen Mapstone since 2011 to deliver asset management training and support to municipalities and government organizations across western Canada. Nicole is a civil engineer, having graduated from the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. She has wide-ranging experience working in the areas of strategic planning, asset management, transportation, and land development. Nicole has worked extensively with both the rural and the urban sectors throughout western Canada and beyond.

Allen Mapstone

Allen Mapstone is the Director of Strategic Asset Management with NAMS (National Asset Management Strategy) Canada. With a background in civil engineering and over 25 years experience working in asset management across the globe, Allen is considered by many to be a pioneer in this field. He has senior experience in local government asset management, implementing improved practices for political, strategic, and operational performance measurement. In 2017, Allen commenced working full time for IPWEA (Institute of Public Engineering Australasia) and NAMS Canada. Allen comes to AMSK from Australia.